What do you get when you combine the consumer trend of high-quality craftsmanship, a generation rebelling against the “norm” and a company renowned for creating award-winning beverages?

You get Odd Company, an RTD brand that might look and sound a little different – but that’s exactly the point.

Created by DB Breweries, Odd Company satisfies the growing trend towards premium RTD products. Sean O’Donnell, DB Breweries Marketing Director, explained. “Kiwis’ tastes are changing. In the last year, we’ve seen a big shift in what people are wanting out of a ready to drink product. Odd Company has crafted a suite of drinks that are packed with flavour yet because they all use sparkling water as a mixer, they have less sugar than some other RTDs you will find on the shelf.”

The fun and vibrant cans, with their distinctive iridescent shine, will also make them stand out from the crowd. Each variant is marked by a unique character, a light-hearted play on qualities that people may see in themselves or others: The Fancy One, The Party Guy and The Cheeky One, each with its own expressive essence of either Gin or Vodka mixed with unique natural flavours such as cucumber, yuzu and black tea.

Everybody is a little odd in their own way, so why not celebrate it?