Oyster lovers should find it hard to resist. With their firm but almost velvety texture, Kiwa Oysters are marked by a creamy plump meat and outstanding flavour, offering a balanced crisp oceanic brine – it literally feels like the cool waters of Marlborough Sounds are melting in your mouth.

This authentic delicacy has been developed through a refined breeding by Kono, a Maori owned premium food and beverage producer that proudly claims a strong spiritual connection to the land and sea, which results in its commitment to the environment. ‘Kiwa’ itself, in Maori culture, is a personification of the South Pacific Ocean.

Unlike other New Zealand’s oysters, Kiwa’s are delivered to restaurants live. Their standard and most popular size is 45-60g, with packaging options including 5 dozen and 10 dozen pieces.

For more information, contact Rachel on 021 966 849.