A pub in the Kent town of Deal has raised thousands of pounds in fines from a strict ‘no mobile phone’ policy. The policy, which has been in place for six and a half years, means that fines are issued to any customer who accepts a phone call on the premises.

"The whole point of the buildings is for people to interact,” said co-owner Mark Robson. “You always find that telephone conversations and mobile phones get in the way of that.”

Signs on the wall warn customers of the policy. The funds raised go to the local Pilgrims Hospice. In the last six years only two customers have refused to pay the fine – both were refunded the money they paid for their drinks and asked to leave.

"Our customers get it. Our regulars love it when somebody's phone goes off. There's always a big cheer. It's fun, it's novel. Why would you want to change that?"