Cottage Lane is a range of high quality authentic artisan breads that use traditional baking methods with no additives whatsoever, so only natural ingredients are used. The bread is partially baked to 90 percent completion in the bakery and then snap frozen so it can be transported long distances without losing any of its freshness. In just 20 minutes the loaves can be transformed from a frozen, partly baked product to a fully baked, high quality, traditional artisan loaf for the waiting customer, virtually baked on demand.

The product is normally marketed within Cottage Lane branded bags and is available throughout selected delis, and selected supermarkets nationwide. It is also distributed frozen in the foodservice sector, supplying caterers, restaurants and cafes throughout New Zealand.

Cottage Lane is produced by Breadcraft, a bakery and food manufacturer based in the Wairarapa who has been supplying bakery goods for over 70 years. Starting in 1942 as a local bakery, Breadcraft was in 1968 one of the original members of Quality Bakers New Zealand. Cottage Lane artisan breads were introduced in 2007, and filled a demand in the market for high quality artisan breads that could be produced to a consistent standard and distributed nationally.

“We are currently developing an exciting new range of premium quality bagels which will also be under the Cottage Lane brand.  These will be available throughout our distribution network nationally, and will be launched into selected New Worlds and Pak n Saves within the next few months,” Julie-Anne Cockburn said.

For further information please contact Julie-Anne Cockburn on 06 370 0267 or email