One of New Zealand’s fastest growing and most successful café networks, The Coffee Club, will be opening the doors to its first New Lynn location. The café, which will also be The Coffee Club’s first two-storey building, will be based in LynnMall, New Zealand’s oldest shopping mall.

The Coffee Club is joining a number of other well-known brands, such as Pizza Hutt, Upper Crust, LJS Seafood, Cleaver & Co, and Wagamama, which have been attracted to the recently renovated mall. LynnMall has undergone a $36m expansion over the past two years, including the development of a new driving lane, called The Brickworks.

Husband and wife team, Stuart and Catherine Howard, are the new owners.

“New Lynn has become a go-to destination,” said Brad Jacobs, one of the directors of The Coffee Club. “We’re pleased with our location, it’s our first café across two levels, so it’s given us a chance to be creative with the interior. We’ve included design touches like a large picture of the old Brickworks going up the stairs.” The Coffee Club now has 61 cafes and restaurants in New Zealand.