Anna King Shahab

After a thorough exploration of New Zealand’s café scene, British food writer and editor Anna King Shahab selected 50 popular coffee shops from around the country, scoured their menus and stuffed their best-loved recipes in her new one-of-a-kind recipe book.
Whether ‘Café Cookbook’ is used as a niche travel guide or kept close at hand on a kitchen shelf, at least one thing is certain: the Kiwi coffee culture has never been so strong and varied.
“A lot of the café owners in the book have spent years living overseas and travel regularly, and have garnered some pretty amazing experience. Many of them have fascinating backgrounds, which they don’t tend to boast about, but this international sophistication informs what they do and this has lifted the game with café dining,” said Shahab.
What they all have in common, she added, is their passion, and true passion is also what makes the book so inspiring. Coffee lovers and eager cooks are encouraged to flip through its pages and experiment with their favourite café dishes.