New Online Catering Platform is a Hit with Christchurch Corporates and More Casual Kiwis Alike

A new online catering platform, Caterway, has been designed for corporates looking to simplify their catering administration, but it’s also a great way to showcase a wide range of caterers in one place for anyone planning an event to see.

Caterway has made the catering process easier for both consumers and clients. Customers simply choose what they want on a caterer’s page, choose a pick up or a delivery time, and pay online.

The team at Caterway has created a delicious looking website for customers to browse, listing caterers that cover every kind of cuisine, along with helpful photos, per person prices and example menus.

Customers can search by occasion and type of cuisine, but also by dietary requirements. When they make their purchase, all money goes to the local catering business they’re buying from, Caterway doesn’t add any fees on top of the order. A great way for Kiwis to support local Christchurch businesses.

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