New No-Sugar Launch is First in New Zealand

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have announced the launch of Frozen Coke No Sugar to Kiwis. Available for the first time in New Zealand, Frozen Coke No Sugar is projected to remove more than 30 tonnes of sugar from the McDonald’s menu each year.

“We are delighted to be offering Coca-Cola New Zealand’s innovative no sugar beverage to Kiwis as it greatly supports our goal to reduce the level of sugar consumed in beverages on the McDonald’s menu,” noted McDonald’s New Zealand Managing Director Dave Howse.

In 2016 McDonald’s publicly announced a programme to deliver nutritional improvement across its menu and increased choice and flexibility for customers. A specific focus on beverages was included in a five-year plan to decrease the amount of sugar consumed by New Zealanders at McDonald’s.

“For over 20 years we’ve been evolving our menu, including adding choice, reformulating products to reduce saturated fat, sodium and sugar, and encouraging behaviour change. When we looked at areas to further reduce sugar, we could see opportunities with our cold beverages. The launch of Frozen Coke No Sugar is the latest part of that plan, and it’s great to be able to offer a product our customers have been telling us they’d love to see,” said Howse.

“To date McDonald’s New Zealand has introduced bottled water as a swap option for combos, worked with Coca-Cola to reformulate beverages including Keri Fruity Drinks and Fanta Raspberry to reduce sugar, and restricted how beverages are merchandised and advertised in the restaurant. This has led to a significant change in the mix of beverages purchased at Macca’s, with a material shift to no and low sugar options. No sugar variants of frozen beverages were identified as part of our sugar reduction strategy, and Coca-Cola has worked over a number of years to develop a product that delivers on the taste and quality expected by consumers.”

“We are really excited for the launch of Frozen Coke No Sugar in New Zealand. The innovative frozen beverage is the latest step Coca-Cola has taken to offer customers more great tasting no sugar beverage options,” expressed Tracey Evans, Head of Marketing, Coca-Cola Oceania.

“We understand people’s taste and preferences are changing, and that’s why we are always looking for ways to offer Kiwis exciting new options like the new Frozen Coke No Sugar.”

McDonald’s New Zealand will be the first to offer the delicious taste of Frozen Coke No Sugar to Kiwis. The frozen beverage will be exclusively available at its restaurants nationwide.