In a year that has seen the rise of new coffee trends (like nitro brew) and clever parodies of such trends (the avolatté springs to mind), one location is taking it to the extreme by asking customers to bring their own coffee.

Nescafé has opened the ‘Coffee Taproom’ in Toronto, a promotional store for its Sweet and Creamy instant coffee sachets. Customers gain entry by scanning their Sweet and Creamy sachet on the iPad at the entrance and are granted access to twelve hot-water taps, where they can make their own coffee. For those who enjoy the other impressive barista creation – the misspelt name – they can get their fix with a range of fifty coffee cups, each with impressively incorrect names.

The taproom promises to be free of all baristas that are named Frederico and have man buns,” while noting that man buns are fine on the customers themselves. What it does promise, though, is good Wi-Fi, plenty of power outlets and comfortable places to sit.