Nadia Lim hospitalised

Celebrity chef Nadia Lim’s battle with bronchitis this past week landed her in an accident and emergency clinic in the early hours of Sunday morning after she was struggling to breathe. Once she made it to the clinic, the doctors helped her clear her airways and gave Lim an inhaler to help her breathe easier. Lim commented, saying how she feels bad for people that have respiratory issues.

Lim’s untimely illness comes during her Dancing with the Stars run. About the show, she said, “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be on this show, and our bodies aren’t used to doing these movements, especially as we only have four days to learn a new dance.” Although Lim had a busy Mother’s Day split between the emergency room and preparing for her dance routine, she said that she managed to squeeze in breakfast with her husband as well as a surprise visit from her young boy, River.