An increasing number of Kiwis are asking restaurants to make venison more available according to a consumer survey run by Duncan NZ Venison. Duncan NZ believe this is because tastes are becoming more adventurous in New Zealand, and the public are looking for alternatives to the traditional red meats that are eaten most nights.

The survey revealed that 37 percent of New Zealanders eat red meat 3-5 times per week, with some eating it even more regularly. However, despite most people enjoying venison, only 30 percent eat it once per week, and another 30 percent have it on the menu once a month.

The main reason cited for not eating it more regularly was availability. Almost 80 percent said that they would cook with it, and eat it at restaurants more often, if it was easier to get hold of.

The results have been encouraging for Duncan Venison, a family-owned company that launched its consumer-facing brand in July 2016.

Paris Butter, Depot and The Sugar club are just a few names that use Duncan Venison Bistro Fillet from Pamu Farms alongside a growing number of restaurants and establishments.