MOJO reveals the reason behind Auckland’s most expensive coffee

Following on from the $7.30 cup of coffee scandal, Mojo has explained just what it is that made that cup so expensive, with the added expenses of soy milk and decaf beans playing a large role.

A woman known only as Michele made headlines this week when she ordered a large decaffeinated soy flat white to go, and was charged $7.30.

“I should have walked out, but I just swiped my card in a bit of shock and put my pin number in,” she said. “$5.80, that’s getting up there. I know you always pay more for decaf and soy milk, but usually only 50 cents – more than that is just ridiculous.”

Mojo general manager Katy Ellis defended the pricing, noting that given the popularity of the chain, most customers seem to be fine with their coffee prices.

“It's much more than just the large coffee,” Ellis said. “It's the time that barista takes to make it, especially soy and decaf because you have a whole other process to take care of and it slows everything down.”

Soy milk can cost up to twice the price of normal milk, and decaf beans are also more expensive due to the extraction process.

“I would also say you are also taking into account the takeaway cup, which can be up to 50 to 60 cents for the cup and lid, especially if it's compostable. You're paying for the overheads. You're paying for the rental of the coffee machine, training, there's wastage. There are just so many other components that go into making a cup of coffee.”