Moccona coffee is being roasted online by Australian drinkers with some residents claiming the coffee is “undrinkable”.  Instant coffee brand has been prominent on supermarket shelves and hugely popular with consumers ever since it was first launched back in 1980.

However, a recipe change that occurred seemingly overnight has caused a stir among the Australian public with a flurry of bad reviews turning up online. Moccona’s Classic Premium Medium Roast (NO.5) had been altered to offer a richer aroma while still delivering a great quality taste.

Disappointed customers were quick to criticise the new flavour with some stating that is was “bitter and revolting”, “cheap” and had a “foul aftertaste”. One customer wrote “I started drinking Moccona 30 years ago and it has always been my go-to instant coffee. I’ve never strayed from it, but a month or so ago I noticed that the taste and smell was really foul.”

The change has caused such an outrage that a petition has already been started online calling for Moccona to resort back to the old flavour.

Moccona said it has always worked hard to deliver the best instant coffee to consumers.

“At Moccona, we work hard to deliver the absolute best coffee experience.  Coffee drinkers have told us they want their coffee to taste more like the coffee they have in a café.  That is why we have offered them what we believe is our best coffee yet, by bringing out more of the flavour of our coffee beans, giving a richer taste,” said a Moccona spokesperson. “We understand this may not be to everyone’s taste, so for people who prefer a milder flavour, our Moccona French Style may prove to be a great alternative.”

Over 380 customers, out of 415, rated Moccona’s Classic Medium Roast as terrible.