Meet the Food Truck: Daisy Days Mobile Gelato Cart

Daisy Days mobile gelato cart is the venture of Summer Acton, a Wellington-based mother of three teenagers. 11 years ago, she started a vintage china hire business, which grew and expanded to include furniture, lighting and décor hire. 

“One day I was asked if I had an ice cream machine, which led to a Google search, out of curiosity, and a chance discovery of a mobile gelato cart up for sale.”

The gelato cart is a family business, with everyone involved to some degree. Daisy Days operates primarily as a private hire business, mostly for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. The cart serves amazing award-winning gelato and sorbet from local Wellington supplier, Gellicious Gelato, whose extensive range means Daisy Days can cater to all tastes and dietary requirements. 

The business faced challenges before the cart had even arrived at Acton’s door. The cart was for sale on Waiheke Island, and no one wanted the job of shipping it down. When it was finally shipped, the cart had received some damage and a key part had been left behind. 

Overcoming this, the next step for Acton was working out how to transport it to venues. With no knowledge in this area, Acton trusted others' advice, and crossed her fingers it would work. 

“Our custom-built trailer with an in-built winch to get her in and out had to be thought out very carefully.”

Learning to reverse the trailer was a whole different scoop of ice cream.

“I’ve made progress in that department - but I’m still a long way from mastery!”

The business’ point of difference is the compact nature of the cart, being just 2m long and 1.3m wide.

“As long as it isn’t too steep or tricky, we can go pretty much anywhere!”

Despite the setback of the Covid-19 pandemic on hospitality events and businesses, Acton hopes to continue being part of special occasions and putting big smiles on people’s faces, young and old. 

“One day I’m hoping the kids will want to take over, and someone else can be reversing the trailer!”