Meet The Barista | Madeline Proctor, Vudu Cafe

Australia’s 25-year-old Madeline Proctor moved to Queenstown just a year ago with a ten-year coffee-making experience. According to her, the definition of great coffee is a beautiful rich crema paired with perfectly steamed silk milk. 

With Proctor’s go-to coffee order being a small double shot oat latte, her favourite special menu item is Vudu Cafe’s incredible homemade turmeric latte made with freshly juiced timer and ginger. 

Vudu Cafe bakes all of its sweet and savoury goods in its bakery itself and has an exciting menu that changes through the seasons. What sets the cafe apart is its incredible sense of family, which translates to its food and coffee made with love. They love playing a small part in any customers’ day by serving them good food and coffee, satisfying them. 

In her spare time, Proctor enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors of Queenstown.