Taco Bell has expanded its alternative offerings with the addition of two meatless menu items.

The new ingredient, which is said to look and taste like ground beef, is made from pulled oats and legumes. The so-called Oatrageous Taco has become a permanent item in Spain after tests in Finland, with other European nations expecting the product in mid-2020.

Taco Bell’s director of international product development said that the ingredients are simple and clean, and something that no one would have had before at Taco Bell.

At this stage, there are speculations as to whether the product will reach every Taco Bell location across the globe.

To date, Taco Bell has avoided partnerships with major plant-based meat producers, unlike their other QSR counterparts. Taco Bell has stuck by their personally developed vegetarian menu, from which they sell 350 million items per year—nine percent of all items ordered.