Including hot chips on your menu is one of the most cost effective ways to increase sales and profits. Serving portion controlled hot chips is equally important to serving good quality chips like Mr Chips chips.

Restaurant, café and takeaway owners who follow controlled and standard serve size for chips are more likely to maximize profits for their business. While serving big portions may seem like a solution to attract more customers, it can also drain profits if not monitored. It is crucial to strike a balance between serve size and cost per serve.

The Chip Group have outlined a recommended hot chips serving size based on industry standards and consumers’ surveys. It recommends a maximum 330 grams of chips per serve. There is a general trend to serve larger portions that go up to 500grams per serve, 170 grams over the recommended serve size. Many café and takeaway owners place chip cups in paper bags and, to make the bag look fuller, end up serving more chips which adds to cost per serve, not to forget the cost of paper bags. Portion control is not just vital for restaurant owners but also for your customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The table below provides an example of how owners can maximize profits by controlling portions.


15kg carton $33.00* per 15kg carton
No. of servings Cost per serve* ($2.20 per kg)
500g serve 30 $1.1
330g serve 45 $0.73
Maximize your profit with an extra 15 serves for every 15kg carton.

*Cost per serve is calculated at an average cost $33.00 for 15kg case.

There are a number of ways to control hot chips portions. Start by training your staff to use correct size scoops. Avoid cooking a large batch of chips in anticipation – customers love freshly cooked hot chips. Correct portion size imagery in the kitchen is also a useful visual aid for staff. Mr Chips hot chip cups are an ideal serving solution. They are especially designed to serve hot chips at the recommend serve size 330g and come in mix of 3 vibrant colours.

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