Matakana Superfoods was started in 2009 by Dr Kevin Glucina, a world leader in superfood nutrition. After many years in the health industry as well as personally following an additive-free, chemical-free and wholefood-focussed life, Dr Glucina began the company with the aim of bringing foods with special nutritional qualities from around the world to New Zealand. Now, after almost a decade, Matakana Superfoods is consistently meeting the growing consumer demand for superfoods and nutritional dietary elements.

“As well as offering people the choice to include a wide range of superfoods in their daily diet, we’re seeking to achieve our mission by providing high-quality, healthy alternatives to everyday food staples,” said Dr Glucina. “Our mission is to improve the habits and health profile of every New Zealander.” Refined sugar, for instance, can be replaced with stevia, monk fruit powder, coconut sugar or lucuma.

Ease of use is key to the Matakana Superfood philosophy. They’ve just released a range of freeze-dried powders which can be sprinkled over porridge or cereal or added to baking. This is an easy way for people to get their daily intake of fruit all year round, Dr Glucina explains. Matakana Superfoods have also recently released a new organic vanilla powder, a premium matcha tea and a range of immune capsules being released in time for winter.

Matakana Superfoods are currently awaiting construction of a new office facility and warehouse, which will be certified organic. “This new facility will allow us to increase capacity and keep up with growth, affording us the opportunity to penetrate international markets,” said Dr Glucina. These new facilities will allow Dr Glucina and Matakana Superfoods to spread their healthy-eating philosophy to a much wider consumer base.