T&G Global has been named Marketer of the Year by Produce Plus and PMA Australia for its ‘Lotatoes Potatoes’ campaign. The campaign centred around the launch of the low-carb and low-calorie potato variety – a reaction to the consumer trend away from high-carbohydrate options among health-conscious New Zealand consumers.

“Lotatoes was born from recognition of a growing low carb movement among consumers and T&G’s track record in innovation and has been more than five years in the making, from seed to plate,” said T&G’s New Zealand marketing manager, Michelle Singh, who accepted the award on behalf of her team. “Through our NPD, consumer insights and ideation process, we identified a unique seed that ultimately grew into Lotatoes which are 40 per cent lower in carbs with fewer calories than standard potatoes but with a great flavour profile and cooking versatility.”

The marketing campaign resulted in attention from all around the world, culminating in a launch in Singapore. Within the first month of launch, Lotatoes ranked in the top ten of all prepackaged potatoes at Countdown supermarkets.

Tested against Rua and Agria, the most common breeds in New Zealand, Lotatoes were found to contain 40 percent fewer carbohydrates while still meeting the health needs of its target audience. The consumer response confirmed the appeal of a low-carb option but reinforced the unending appeal of the potato.