Mark Baker – Business Manager, Foodfirst

From styling photos for The Warehouse mailer, selling produce for Fresh Direct and consulting on price elasticity and promo effectiveness for IIS, Mark Baker has worked in a multitude of roles. Now, in his new role as business manager at Foodfirst, Baker is looking forward to experiencing a new industry.

“Every new role has been a milestone and for different reasons,” Baker explained. “Helping to open a new supermarket chain is a major one, with The Warehouse Extra. After a consulting role where only suggestions were made, the opportunity to implement change was attractive. I’m also looking forward to adding a new industry to my eclectic work history.”

Baker said he has a real desire to add value to the Foodfirst members, and is working at quickly getting up to speed to achieve this aim. He has been described as pedantic, but in a good way. “I made sure things were done correctly and with my customer's satisfaction top of mind.” He sees his biggest strength as attention to detail. “I like to know how things work,” he said. “It allows me to spot opportunities and look at better ways to do things.”