Craft beer is doing a powerful job of getting consumers excited about the beer category again while educating consumers about appreciating big, bold flavours. New Zealand produces outstanding beers and has been more than happy to embrace and adopt the category as its own. These big flavours are perfect for mixing drinks with, which is why we are seeing both the comeback of drink styles like Shandies and beer cocktails.


Bombay Sapphire Gin 15 ml
Fresh Lime 20 ml
Passionfruit Syrup 7.5 mls
Salted Honey Water 7.5 mls
Panhead Port Road Pilsner 120 mls


1. Measure and Bombay Sapphire, fresh lime and passionfruit syrup into glass
2. To make the *Salted Honey water, combine equal amounts of honey and hot water (500ml/500ml). Stir to dissolve. Add a couple of large pinches of sea salt and dissolve into liquid."
3. Add salted honey water and stir to combine
4. Top with Panhead Port Road Pilsner

ABV 7.2%
STD 0.97

Lion's team of ambassadors are involved in a number of different projects throughout the year aimed to discourage binge drinking. They often create mid strength cocktails at large events, such as the Sevens and Auckland City Limits to encourage people to consume less alcohol.