Muffin Break has taken stock of the shift to Paleo and low carb eating and has responded to growing demand by introducing the Lower Carb Muffin, made with a nutritious combination of fruit, nuts, seeds yoghurt and almond meal and designed for those that need to manage their sugar and carbohydrate intake. The Lower Carb Muffin comes in two flavours Macadamia, Mango & Passionfruit and Berry, Nut & Seeds. Both muffins contain 70 percent less carbohydrate, 75 percent less sugar and almost half the kilojoules of the traditional Muffin Break muffin.

“We’ve spent a lot of time developing the Lower Carb Muffin and we are thrilled to bring this new offer to our customers, particularly those who previously would not have been able to enjoy the simple pleasure of accompanying their favourite beverage with a muffin,” said Muffin Break marketing manager Gemma Fitzimons.