Locals Supporting Local

The range of MAGGI products by Nestlé Professional has always championed good food for the hospitality industry but did you know that many of these products are made locally in Auckland?

Built on a belief that everyone, everywhere has a right to food that tastes good and does good, the MAGGI Professional range includes authentic, locally made products that are big on flavour and versatility.

Now with its MAGGI Professional ‘Locals, supporting Local’ campaign, Nestlé Professional is making more people aware of ‘Proudly New Zealand Made’ as it continues to support local hardworking chefs and cooks.

Included in the comprehensive range are: MAGGI Gravy Mixes, MAGGI Soup Mixes, MAGGI Boosters, MAGGI Demi Glace and MAGGI Jus Lié Beef Flavoured Sauce Mix.

Steeped in rich undertones of juicy meat flavours with hints of tomato and red wine, MAGGI Jus Lie Beef Flavoured Sauce Mix brings that premium taste to any meat dish. Whether it’s roast chicken or fillet steak, this delicious gravy range is always a winner.

Quick and easy to prepare, MAGGI Soup Mixes are a great winter warmer. They’re also gluten free and include vegan and vegetarian options. The perfectly blended MAGGI Booster range will also bring depth of flavour to any dish and are also gluten free.

With such a fantastic range of New Zealand made MAGGI Professional products to choose from, there has never been a better time for Locals to Support Local by bringing some classic Kiwi flavour to your menus.

For more information about the amazing MAGGI range of products and other solutions for your kitchen, please visit our website nestleprofessional.co.nz