Le Meurice and Alain Ducasse to Continue Partnership

FRANCE |  The original palace hotel in the heart of Paris, Le Meurice is the very epitome of quiet elegance where the world’s artists and thinkers have found their inspiration. 

Many of the rooms and apartments overlook the Tuileries Garden including the exceptional Belle Etoile Suite which offers views of 18 of Paris’s landmarks. At the two Michelin-starred Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, the flavour of every ingredient is preserved while at Restaurant Le Dalí you’ll spot the quirky touches of the artist, whilst its colourful cuisine takes centre stage, prepared with 95 percent locally sourced Ingredients. When the time comes for tea, Cédric Grolet serves up a parade of sweet treats and for pampering, La Maison Valmont pour Le Meurice is an oasis of calm, offering the finest spa treatments by Swiss skincare experts.

Franka Holtmann, General Manager of the Le Meurice hotel, announces that the partnership between the hotel and Ducasse Paris will be renewed for five years, thereby confirming their solid relationship.

Holtman said that he is delighted to continue working with Alain Ducasse, and greatly admires his talent. 

“I particularly appreciate the commitment he manages to obtain from some very talented young staff. Alain Ducasse has that rare talent of getting people to give of their very best and of giving us a true vision of the future,” stated Holtman.

Under the terms of the new contract, Chef Alain Ducasse will manage the kitchens of Le Meurice, which cater to the Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, the Le Dalí restaurant and room service. This will also include the production of pastries served in the restaurants and in the hotel shop, in the charge of Cédric Grolet.

Ducasse said that he is extremely proud to be continuing the association with Le Meurice, and named it the most prestigious restaurant in the Ducasse group.

“I am delighted to be working with Cédric Grolet who has such talent and commitment. This shows a trust whose full value I truly appreciate. We have plans for Le Meurice, where the cuisine embodies the values that we hold most dear: excellence, natural products, exploring new flavours, taking risks and yet, at the same time, going back to basics.”

The renewal of the partnership between Le Meurice and Ducasse Paris for five years confirms the strength of the relationship between them. Alain Ducasse will manage the two restaurants of Le Meurice, whose production of pastries is in the charge of Cédric Grolet.

The Ducasse group is comprised of 34 establishments, and has a collective total of 20 Michelin stars throughout its portfolio.