Breweries, large and small, are encouraged to enter and compete in this years’ New World Beer and Cider Awards, a unique celebration of great beer and cider from New Zealand and around the world.

The number of beer and cider products, from tea-beers to pumpkin ales, pilsners and citrus ciders has exploded in the last few years and consumers are equally diverse in their tastes. These awards meet the market and give the best brewers in the business a chance to stand out from the crowd across thirteen categories with New World customers nationwide.

Best in Class winners of the 2016 Awards will be guaranteed distribution in 137 New World stores nationwide with extensive brand exposure and the opportunity for sustained sales.

“The 2016 New World Beer and Cider Awards will be a unique event. Unlike most other competitions the awards are focused primarily on the consumer,” said Michael Donaldson, chair of the independent judges and beer writer and author.

“The presentation of results will help New World customers navigate the increasingly complex beer world, allowing them to make informed choices safe in the knowledge all medal-winning beers and ciders are both technically excellent and, most importantly, enjoyable to drink.”

Whilst breweries do not need to be an existing New World of Foodstuffs supplier, availability is a key criterion. Entrants are required to have nough stock available to be promoted in New World stores nationwide.

An independent panel of 15 expert judges will be evaluating the entries, with cider and perry judged by specialists in this area. Held over two days in Wellington the judging will be blind and run according to the highest international industry standards. Each entry is judged individually on its merits using a collaborative method that evaluates the entry’s qualities, balance and drinkability.

Last held in 2014, the inaugural New World Beer and Cider Awards attracted entries from 56 breweries entering 351 beers and ciders. Blair Harley from Tuatara Brewing that won Best in Class for its Tuatara ITI Little Big Hop APA, said the promotion of New World Beer and Cider Award winners in New World stores across NZ is a key point of difference from other awards.

In addition to the prestige of being recognised as medal-winning beer or cider, New World will be maximising every opportunity to promote the awards and best in class winners.