Despite closed dining rooms, a Los Angeles fast casual restaurant has rolled out a hotline and other initiatives for those in need.

Everytable CEO Sam Polk started the seven-store, health-forward chain in Los Angeles in 2013 with the mission to make nutritious food affordable and accessible to all. The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has pushed that mission into high gear, spurring Polk and his team to set up hunger-fighting initiatives including a hunger helpline.

In just a few days the Everytable team put together a response strategy. While dining in-store was no longer available, each location became a grab-and-go hotspot.

Everytable has also continued its usual Pay It Forward option where guests looking to help those in need of a meal have the option to tack the cost of another meal onto their grab-and-go or food subscription orders. The free meal is then available to any customer in need.

The Everytable helpline is a part of the chain’s initial plan to help residents left hungry by the coronavirus quarantines. The line is open to all Los Angelenos, but particularly those who are at high risk such as seniors who need food brought to their homes; those whose health care or senior center food services have been interrupted, and all individuals struggling with access to food due to coronavirus.

Everytable’s locations are central to underserved, economically-challenged neighbourhoods, making the chain’s new initiatives all the more crucial for their customers. Polk said that Everytable plans to continue following its brand mission of accessibility throughout this crisis, working to counteract some of the economic hardship that is sure to ensue in coming months.