Krispy Kreme celebrate first birthday

Following the biggest store opening worldwide, Krispy Kreme is celebrating its first birthday in New Zealand. Krispy Kreme has grown and expanded throughout the last year, opening three stores in Manukau, the Auckland Domestic Airport and most recently, the Auckland CBD.

“2018 was an exciting, crazy, fun ‘rollercoaster’ year for Krispy Kreme in New Zealand,” said Antonio Rivera, New Zealand retail manager of Krispy Kreme. “We’ve built a great team here—and we’ve launched in over 40 BP locations around the North Island.”

As a special birthday treat, Krispy Kreme will be offering a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for just $1 with the purchase of another full-priced dozen box of doughnuts. Additionally, the Manukau store will host a party from 4pm-8pm this evening featuring entertainment, face painters, balloons, a DJ, and giveaways.

Since the expansion, Rivieria said there has been no noticeable drop at the Manukau store.

“Our two other locations are unique in their own right – our Auckland Airport store serves people on the go, who might have the opportunity to take some doughnuts to friends or family in other parts of New Zealand, and our Chancery Square store is a lot more accessible for people located centrally. So we haven’t seen a significant drop in our Manukau customers, but just made our doughnuts more accessible around Auckland.”

“We’ve been overwhelmed by New Zealand’s response to us in visiting our stores and sharing the love. Our customers are also great at giving feedback that helped us learn and grow during our first year in a new country.” Recently, Krispy Kreme partnered with UberEats in order to be able to provide fresh doughnuts wherever a customer may be.

“I think it has been a great option for us to be closer to our customers and have the ability to share our doughnuts when you order at the office or home.” Rivera also said that Krispy Kreme is always looking for options to get themselves closer to customers, so there is still a chance for expansion.