To celebrate the release of the Zinger Burger in the US, KFC is taking one giant leap for burger-kind and sending a burger into space. While the burger has been available in New Zealand for a number of years, the introduction to the US market is clearly significant enough for the fried chicken giant to mount one of the more ridiculous marketing stunts in recent history.

KFC will mount a Zinger burger on a platform and will be carried into the stratosphere under a helium-filled balloon before returning to Earth - technically only getting halfway to the Kármán line, the internationally recognised border between the atmosphere of the Earth and space. Nevertheless, according a tongue-in-cheek video posted on the KFC Facebook page, the burger has undergone full astronaut training and is ready to set off on ‘Zinger 1 Space Mission.’ KFC's involvement will cover nearly all the costs of the test flight of World View's Stratollite balloon system.

UPDATE: The launch, which was to be live streamed on the KFC USA Facebook page, has been delayed by bad weather with no word on when it will be rescheduled.