KFC has launched its own vegan burger in the UK.

Dubbed the 'Imposter Burger', it's made of deep-fried vegan Quorn, and is garnished with non-dairy mayo and iceberg lettuce.

The announcement comes days before the UK's House of Lords meets to discuss whether words like 'burger' or 'sausage' should be used to describe meat alternatives.

For four weeks only, the fast-food giant is trialling the 'chicken' burger at 20 selected outlets in London, Bristol, and the Midlands.

The product has already sold well, with London's Gloucester Road outlet reporting they had sold between 80 and 90 vegan burgers by midday on the first day of the trial. But early reviews are mixed.

"It certainly looks like the real thing," says the BBC's Katie Hope, "but when I bite into it I can immediately tell the difference. It's a bit dry and despite the spices, it's bland and unmemorable. I struggle to eat the whole thing."

KFC's decision to trial the vegan burger comes in the wake of a number of fast-food chains adopting plant-based options, including Burger King and Little Caesars.