There has been an unusual entry into the elite fashion world drawing attention at New York Fashion Week.

Kentucky Fried Chicken unveiled a collaboration with the footwear brand Crocs in time for the debut of high-end designers’ collections for Spring 2020.

KFC is no stranger to collaborating with fashion labels to bring a new audience to its brand. This year, the quick-service brand decided to use the reach of Instagram to be a part of an event that will be flooding people’s social media feeds for the next week.

In Spring (northern hemisphere) 2020 consumers will be able to purchase their own pair of KFC Crocs. The shoes will be the classic, comfortable style with a realistic Kentucky Fried Chicken pattern and a red and white striped sole. Each pair of shoes comes with two removable, chicken-scented charms that look and smell like a fried chicken drumstick.

They will retail for $59.99 (USD) and be available in unisex sizes.