French chef Joel Robuchon in his chef outfit

Joel Robuchon, the most decorated chef in Michelin history has died at the age of 73. His sixty-year career included a total of 31 Michelin stars and 20 restaurant concepts. He passed away following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Robuchon was remembered for elevating minimal ingredients and simple flavours. "I never try to marry more than three flavours in one dish,” he has said. “I like walking into a kitchen and knowing that the dishes are identifiable and the ingredients within them easy to detect."

His signature dish was mashed potatoes, following a simple recipe of one part butter to two parts potatoes.

“These mashed potatoes, it’s true, made my reputation,” he once said. “I owe everything to these mashed potatoes. Maybe it’s a little bit of nostalgia, Proust’s madeleines. Everyone has in his memory the mashed potatoes of his mother, the mashed potatoes of his grandmother.”