Introducing the HospoCred Programme

Column by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand.

HospoCred is the new industry programme that shines a spotlight on those in the hospitality industry who go above and beyond in their employment and business practices. Developed by the Restaurant Association, HospoCred is a voluntary employer accreditation programme that was created in response to member requests for a platform to recognize excellence in the industry.

Achieving HospoCred recognition is no small feat. Businesses must undergo an application process and be assessed against high standards in five different areas: Employment Processes, Workforce Development, Policy/Business, Financial Management, and Training/Professional Development. To achieve accreditation, businesses must demonstrate that their employment practices meet and exceed standards, and show a commitment to ongoing development for themselves, their business, and their team.

But it's not just about employment – HospoCred also assesses a business' compliance, workplace policies and procedures, and commitment to training. As part of the application process, businesses must provide a range of records, documents, and evidence of training. The Restaurant Association also conducts interviews with the owner/manager and employees to verify the information submitted.

The best part? Support and guidance are provided throughout the application process, and even if a business doesn't initially achieve the HospoCred standard, they'll receive recommendations on how to improve. The programme is aspirational and serves as a benchmark for other businesses to work towards.

Being HospoCred-ified has its rewards. Not only does it send a signal to diners, the government, and other key stakeholders that the business is meeting and often exceeding requirements, but it also positions the business as an employer of choice. HospoCred-ified businesses will receive a package of assets and tools to promote their achievement, including assets for social channels and websites, and window decals. And as more and more businesses achieve the HospoCred standard, they'll be recognized on a website identifying all HospoCred-ified businesses.

In this current climate, more and more members are looking for ways to attract and retain staff. HospoCred accreditation is one way to signal to potential employees that the workplace is one that will help meet their aspirations. It also has the potential to enhance the industry's professionalism, ease pressure on the labour market and recruitment process, increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and ultimately lead to better service for guests.

If you're interested in finding out more about HospoCred, visit or contact the Restaurant Association on 0800 737 827 or at Don't miss out on the opportunity to be recognized for your commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry!