Innovation displayed at NAFEM

The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) conference revealed a range of new technological innovation, highlighting some of the trends coming through in the beverage industry. People want increasing amounts of personalisation and customisation. This can be seen in the self-serving yoghurt machine which allows consumers to create their own blend of yoghurt from a range of preexisting flavours. Another innovation that allowed for an enhanced customer experience was the Fresh Blender. The Fresh Blender is capable of producing coffee shakes, frappes and fruit smoothies. The standalone machine frees up other staff members in stores and allows customers to have a unique experience creating a drink of their choosing. Another technological trend looked at ways in which waste can be minimised. Bottoms Up is a tap system that fills beer glasses from the bottom. The pour reduces the amount of beer spilt, as the machine can be programmed to fill glasses to present levels. Not only does this technology free up bar staff, but it also minimises keg waste and offers a more sustainable bar solution.