Iconic Dunedin restaurant closes after 29 years

Owners of Asian restaurant in Dunedin, Kevin and Hong Juan Lee, have closed their doors for service for the last time. The last 29 years have seen the couple working nearly seven days a week since their arrival from southern China.

“We’ve been serving some of the customers for three generations, and it makes me quite sad to miss them… From my heart I thank them all,” Kevin said. Asian restaurant announced that they would be selling the restaurant at the start of the year, they will hand the keys over to the new owners this Friday. The building has been bought by NZ Moray Property Ltd., a commercial property management company.

The final night of service saw over 200 diners visit the restaurant, many of whom ordered takeaway, as well. This has been a busy year for the couple who have found that the news of closure has attracted customers from all around. From here, the couple plan to move to Christchurch, but are unsure what they will do in their retirement.