Hospo Hui To Encourage Future Thinking

From 3D printed food to the immediate issues facing hospitality, Hospo Hui will unpack, discuss and inform on what it means to be operating a hospitality business in the current climate and what is required to build a sustainable and resilient industry for the future.

Hosted by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, Hospo Hui is a one-day event designed for restaurants, cafes and food businesses, that brings together the best local and international leaders in food and hospitality to showcase the industry, and share ideas, tools and stories to educate and inspire.

The annual event will this year be held as part of Fine Food New Zealand, New Zealand’s largest food and drink trade show from 25th – 27th June at Auckland Showgrounds.

Chip Klose, renowned international restaurant consultant, has been announced as the keynote speaker.

Klose, a leading expert in restaurant and cafe consulting comes with over two decades of experience revolutionising the hospitality industry. His keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by hospitality business owners and his innovative solutions have positioned him as a sought-after authority in the field. 

In the talk entitled ‘Adopting a Luxury Mindset: How Restaurant Owners & Operators Should be Thinking About Transactions, Value, and Price’, Chip will dive into the truth about dining out as a luxury, the need to redefine what restaurants are selling in a new economy, and the art of convincing people that a restaurant experience, while indulgent, is ultimately worth the expense. Attendees can anticipate leaving with a fresh perspective on navigating the challenges of running a restaurant in a post-pandemic world.

Klose will also host an exclusive workshop for 30 attendees on Tuesday 27 th June to allow guests to delve into his presentation in more detail.

Global Food Futurist, food scientist, author and strategic foresight consultant Tony Hunter will be talking about how hospitality businesses can prepare for the arrival of Gen Alpha in his talk ‘forget about gen z.’

Born since the year 2010, Gen Alpha are the children of the Millennials. They are the first generation who will be entirely born and shaped in the 21st century, and the first generation that we will see in record numbers in the 22nd century as well.

As an acknowledged expert on these industries, Tony speaks globally at international conferences on how technology and consumer trends are shaping the rapidly changing food and ag sectors.

As the world moves towards a greener future, Rebecca Smidt of Cazador and Nick Morrison, founding director of Go Well Consulting will discuss how sustainable eating habits continue to evolve. The hospitality industry has witnessed the rise of veganism, which has reshaped our understanding of plant-based diets. But as we delve deeper, new perspectives are emerging that challenge traditional notions of eco-conscious eating.

Go Well Consulting is a sustainability consultancy that supports businesses to evolve for the new economy. Founder Nick Morrison has over five years of experience guiding businesses in New Zealand and Australia through the transformation.

As we continue to adapt to the post-COVID world, the hospitality industry has witnessed a significant shift in consumer preferences towards suburban experiences.

A panel of esteemed experts including Gerrick Numan of hospitality designers Millé and Chand Sahrawhat of Cassia and The French Café will explore the driving forces and implications of this transition in a discussion on the pros and cons of the post-Covid shift to the suburbs.

The event brings together leaders, thinkers and innovators to seek guidance and support to strengthen what we have already built and come together to pave a more resilient and sustainable hospitality industry.

“This is a must-attend event for anyone in our industry but also for anyone with a passion for food, drink and innovation. There will be something on offer for everyone in the food and drink industry, irrespective of whether you work for a brand restaurant or cafe, bar, retailer, supplier, manufacturer, or hotel,” said Restaurant Association CEO Marisa Bidois.

“The aim of this event is to bring together like-minded people from all walks of our industry, and provide a unique platform for information-sharing and inspiration.”