Australian craft distilling company, Natural Distilling Co., have released a range of hemp-based liquors. The range includes a hemp-based gin and a hemp-based vodka.

The new range of drinks has distinctive aromatic and flavour qualities due to its hero ingredient, hemp.

“Hemp as an ingredient is often touted as a super-food and super-plant, with countless environmental and nutritional benefits,” said Rhys Staley, Natural Distilling Co.’s founder. “Our aim is to only use sustainably, ethically and locally sourced ingredients, so hemp was the perfect fit.”

“While you won’t get high from hemp, the drinks yield an ultra-rich, citrus profile,” said Staley.

The first batch of the hemp was harvested from Geelong, in Australia, and Natural Distilling Co. is looking forward to future batches that will instead cultivate from Gippsland, Australia, Staley’s hometown.

“Three years ago, the first batch of craft spirits were created in a Gippsland farm shed, using my grandfather’s 55-year-old milk vat,” continued Staley. “We spent years learning, tinkering and tasting to develop and refine our offering.”

“Once the use of the natural super-plant cannabis Sativa (hemp) was legalised in November 2017, we applied for a licence to grow, and the rest is history. But don’t worry, the drinks aren’t made in the milk vat anymore,” said Staley.