It's one of the biggest consumer trends of 2017 which has had 78 percent growth in the last five years, have you spotted it yet? Nobody could have forecast that coffee would become a multi-million-dollar business globally and that people would turn their noses up at instant coffee to demand barista served coffee and pay a premium for it. The coffee revolution has been remarkable, what started as a trend is now dominated by major players like Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Robert Harris.

Now the same trend is well underway in New Zealand, with real fruit and vegetable smoothies enjoying unprecedented popularity. Just as the coffee drinker became more discerning, so has the smoothie customer. Research proves that customers are rejecting smoothies made with syrups, powders and concentrates and are demanding smoothies made with real fruit and vegetables.

TANK have done a great job in educating the consumer about real fruit and veggie smoothies, in fact, the customer can see the fruit and vegetables being selected and prepared. The truth is many busy cafes cannot afford the time to do a ‘TANK’. Which is why the GOOD3 have introduced a range of portion controlled, ready-to-blend pouches of snap frozen fruit and vegetables.

“Our smoothie product has been especially created for foodservice,” said GOOD3 founder, Ashley Berrysmith. “They need a convenient healthy format that takes only 60 seconds to make, rip open the bag, empty into blender, add juice, blend and serve. Our customers love the simplicity and speed and staff need almost no training, and of course customers love it.”

A smoothie revolution could be on the horizon in New Zealand. Global research company Neilson reported 150,000 New Zealanders drink smoothies seven days a week and at least 40 percent of these consumers aged between 15-29 will only buy healthy options.

If you are in the food service industry, you’ll obviously see the massive opportunity, unless of course you’re still selling instant coffee. For more information visit www.smoochie.com or contact foodservice@smoochie.co.nz.