Frenkiel and Vindahl are the minds behind Green Kitchen Stories, a highly popular food blog that blends Luise’s passion for developing wheat-free and sugar-free recipes to David’s stylish photography and design eye. Their newest effort contains more than 50 inventive recipes to turn extra fruit and vegetables into a ‘liquid source of goodness’.

There is an option for any taste or need, from mid-morning energy boosts to post workout drinks. To make sure that both smoothie enthusiasts and newbies can find something suitable for them, the authors have included two separate chapters, Simple Smoothies (which are all great as a starting point) and Showstoppers. To top this all off, the book includes basic recipes for muesli and granola toppings, nut butter and milk, as well as a chapter on juices, ‘the sister of smoothies with more vegetables, less fruit and no fibre’.

As Frenkiel and Vindahl pointed out, blending a smoothie doesn’t require special cooking skills; it’s all about mixing the right ingredients together. The secret? “Always aim to have at least one frozen element in the smoothie to get it perfectly chilled and also creamy.”