With regular metal grease filters only capturing less than 25 percent of airborne grease, this ongoing problem now has an easy, cost effective and safe solution.

Shepherd Filters provide the ultimate protection in disposable oil and grease filters capturing up to 98 percent of airborne grease before it enters the kitchen exhaust system.

“Our wool filters are easily installed using our patented stainless steel frames. A disposable filter system is now available in NZ that meets international flare-up and flame tests certification,” said Rose Barnett, NZ manager of Shepherd Filters.

A growing number of establishments are turning to natural, environmentally friendly products to lower their carbon footprint. Using 100 percent wool, Shepherd Filters are not just fire retardant but are also carbon-neutral and biodegradable.

Shepherd Filters results in a dramatic reduction of grease entering the exhaust hood system bringing immediate savings. Reduced labour costs of ongoing filter washing, fewer hood cleans and increased efficiency of the extractor fan.

Shepherd Filters frames are made from high-quality stainless steel and are designed specifically for ease of handling with kitchen exhaust systems. They have easy to grip fold down handles and clamps to keep the face frame firmly attached for the wool filter.

“The best thing is that employees can replace the disposable grease filters when needed and dispose of the old filters in your regular rubbish.”

For more information contact, call Rose on 0279 021 716 or visit