Grape to Glass | Adam Wadewitz, Tolpuddle Vineyard

Adam Wadewitz grew up in McLaren Vale, where the local wineries and the culture that comes with them quickly reeled the Australian in.

The experience he gained from the people that inspired him at a young age brought him to work at Tolpuddle Vineyard, located in the Coal River Valley of Tasmania.

This winery produces both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, where the cool climate encourages the production of these types of grapes.

Having first been established in 1988, the vineyard was recently taken over by Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith MW, who fell in love with it at first sight, producing the first vintage in 2012.

With a philosophy that centres around sustainable grape growing, understanding the ground, site, and soil is crucial to ensure optimal taste within each vintage from both vineyard and variety. 

Balancing innovation and tradition to mould a custom winemaking technique that produces an enjoyable wine is vital while creating an individual taste.

“I think we have our own unique story to tell about our vineyards, how we farm them, the quality and the longevity of the wines we make,” said Wadewitz.

With technological advancements coming few and far between, Wadewitz is thrilled to think of robotic tractors, but until then uses coffee as a ploy to keep him going. 

Wadewitz recognises that these innovations won’t be implemented if they negatively alter the course of the taste and compares winemaking with creating a craft. It requires learning and consistent refinement to understand how to produce quality products.

Wadewitz said to those considering moving into the industry, “Bring your passion, curiosity, and hard work. The rest will take care of itself.”