Government Launches $6 Million Winegrowing Program

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce has unveiled $6 million in government funding for a new research programme that promises to be a game-changer for the New Zealand wine industry.
The initiative is funded directly from MBIE’s 2016 Endeavour Fund, as well as New Zealand Winegrowers – who have high hopes for the research programme to develop a tool for accurate yield estimations.
“This will benefit the industry by supporting better crop management, smoother processing and market forecasting based on capacity to supply.” Explained Dr Simon Hooker, general manager of research and innovation at New Zealand Winegrowers.
The tool will utilise new sensor technologies to assess yield capability between blocks, rows, regions, and vineyards.
“Over the long-term, site-specific yield prediction will help reduce costs by enabling better planning in both the vineyard and in the market.” Said Peter Barrowclough, CEO at Lincoln Agritech.
Lincoln Agritech will lead the five-year programme - in partnership with institutions such as Lincoln University, Plant and Food Research, University of Canterbury, and Australia’s CSIRO.