McDonald’s New Zealand has been acknowledged for its commitment to cage free eggs by Compassion in World Farming. The prestigious Good Egg award acknowledges that McDonald’s NZ is leading the way and part of an international community of food businesses that care for the welfare of laying hens.

The company is proud to be a small part of the global change with more than 53 million laying hens that are set to benefit from Good Egg award winners’ policies.

“It’s great to see the cage-free egg movement gathering pace around the globe and we are delighted to award McDonald’s in New Zealand for addressing the welfare of laying hens,” said Dr Tracey Jones, director of food business, Compassion in World Farming.

“When big brands like McDonald’s make animal welfare commitments we often see the market following suit and by doing so they are showing their leadership and delivering what their customers expect.”

McDonald’s spokesperson Simon Kenny said that the company is honoured to be recognised for making a commitment to cage free eggs and they are thrilled to announce that they are ahead of schedule, expecting 100 percent of its restaurants to source only free range eggs before the end of the year.

Nearly 13 million eggs were purchased by McDonald’s NZ in the last year alone due to the success of All Day Breakfast.

Otaika Valley Farms in Whangarei and Zeagold Foods in Otago have invested significant time and money to meet McDonald’s NZ demand for free range eggs with Zeagold developing a new free range farm near Dunedin.