The long-forgotten cup of tea on the counter is almost a national icon. However, one Hamilton robotics fanatic is taking the hassle out of his favourite brew through the invention of the Teabot – the tea-making robot. Marcel van de Steeg, of software developers Company X, has also built in reminding tools to ensure that no cup of tea will ever go unnoticed again.

The length of brewing time is entirely up to the drinker – from as little as thirty seconds for the unadventurous, all the way up to six minutes, for those who like a darker concoction. Once the tea is brewed to taste, a bell rings and the robot removes the teabag. For those on the go, the contraption also sends out an email to the prospective drinker, letting them know that it’s ready to go.

But that’s not all – for those who love the taste of a Gingernut but detest the laborious (and potentially messy) process of dunking, van de Steeg has a robot for that, too.