Geeks On Sainsbury

Geeks on Sainsbury officially opened its doors on 9 June. The building process took roughly nine to 10 weeks.
“Many of our affiliates and team members worked in the industry and shared a common goal. The ideas were a collection of our passion and enthusiasm towards building a unique workplace,” Geeks on Sainsbury’s Johnny Jeoung said.
Owner Tom Hong had always dreamed of opening his own cafe since becoming involved in the industry. Hong had a curiosity for learning about the cafe culture, and volunteered at various cafes to expand his knowledge. He wanted to develop his own ideas and approach to what defines an exceptional grade of service and eatery. The café’s main entrance opens to a spacious reserve with a playground.
“This compliments what we believe makes a pleasant dining experience. There is also a mall and various other shops nearby which entails busy foot traffic,” Jeoung said.
There is 12 staff in total. The two chefs are Ji tae Kim and Hyunggi Park. Kim previously worked at Dear Jervois and Ben Gusto. Hong, Jeoung and The Fit Out Company designed the fit out. It is simplistic, with an industrial/modern design theme. The menu was designed as a collaborative effort amongst Team Geeks.
“It was important for us to deliver a unique taste but at the same time keep our menu simple. For instance our eggs bene, one of our most popular dishes, incorporates potato gratin rather than traditional English muffins. We believe delicate changes to traditional dishes you would normally see in a cafe make a memorable impression on our customers. In conjunction to this idea we also focus on only using premium ingredients and the freshest produce to deliver the best experience,” Jeoung said.