Gastrofest, a decadent and interactive charity dining experience is back for its tenth year on October 25th and Ōra King Salmon is on the menu for the first time.

Ōra King Awards judge Geoff Scott will join some of New Zealand’s top chefs for an shared dining experience with the funds raised going towards vital cancer research and awareness to improve gastro-intestinal cancer survival rates.

“Gut cancer affects over 5000 people in New Zealand each year and the mortality rates are high, there are increasing numbers of young people getting gut cancers,” Scott said. “A lot of this is diet linked.”

Scott made the decision to work with Ōra King salmon for its high-quality taste and nutrients.

“Our overall health and well-being starts from the stomach, so it is critical that the food we ingest contains the essential nutrients we need. Ōra King salmon is packed full of nutrients including highly beneficial Omega 3, as well as being high in protein and an excellent source of essential vitamins.”

All contributions will go towards the Gut Cancer Foundation.