French nudist restaurant forced to close

The first nudist restaurant in Paris has been forced to close less than 15 months after opening, after failing to attract enough customers. Owners Mike and Stephane Saada, a set of twins who decided to open the restaurant in November 2017, said “We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments.”

Despite not being nudists themselves, the brothers said they spotted a business opportunity in one of the most popular nudist destinations in the world. When O’naturel opened, Stephane said that France’s many nudist beaches and tourist resorts only offered naturalists the chance to be “nudists in summer,” while the restaurant gave people the chance to embrace the lifestyle all year round.

Diners would leave their clothes and items in a cloakroom and were given a pair of slippers to wear while dining, although women were given the option of keeping their heels on. Curtains shielded diners from passers-by, and black chair coverings were replaced at the end of every service.