Fort Greene

Previously Honeytrap Bakery in K-Road’s St Kevin’s arcade, Fort Greene officially opened on November 2.
Owners Andrea Muhlhausen and Liam Fox both have a background in hospitality, Fox previously as the sous chef at the Blue Breeze Inn, and Muhlhausen the manager at Non Solo Pizza. The pair had been saying “when we do our business” for six or seven years prior to opening Fort Greene, and decided the time was right when Honeytrap shut down.
“We loved sandwiches so much. We wished we could have a really good sandwich made completely from scratch,” Muhlhausen said.
Fort Greene is a “hipster” area in South Brooklyn, where inspiration for the name came from, Muhlhausen said. Currently the team is just the two of them.
Specialising in sandwiches, the menu is 90 percent Fox’s ideas. The Fish One is the most popular sandwich, made with house smoked kahawai fish fingers, mushy peas, tartare and snow pea shoots. It takes days to make the sandwich as the fish needs to be cured before it is smoked, sat in trays overnight, cut and crumbed.
“We do know that lots of people have diet requirements in New Zealand. We make our own bread which is a huge difference to other places. Our main thing is that we try to make everything we possibly can ourselves,” Muhlhausen said.