Food Hui 2021 is On, it’s Just Different

The ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have required a change to Food Hui 2021 which will now be presented on 1 November as a live virtual event. 

“Many of you have told us how important it is to you that Food Hui still goes ahead,” noted the Restaurant Association in a statment.

“We need to get together, however we can, and have important conversations about hospitality, our food and our future. We remain committed to deliver this to you as these conversations are too important to just sweep under the rug for when the dust has settled.”

The virtual Food Hui will look a little different from previous years but will enable the Association to open up the discussion to an even wider audience.

The 1-day event will still include live panel sessions, presentations and Q&A sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to learn and ask questions of the industry’s movers and shakers.

You can find out more about Food Hui 2021 on The Restaurant Association website.