Fonterra and Nestle Opening New Zealand’s First Net-Zero Dairy Farm

Fonterra is collaborating with Nestle, its largest ingredients customer, to open New Zealand's first commercially viable net-zero carbon emissions dairy farm. '

Located in Taranaki, the project aims to cut carbon emissions by 30% in mid-2027 and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2032.

Fonterra's collaboration with Nestle comes after its announcement to farmers that the company is looking to set a target for farm emissions to avoid losing customers and facing trade barriers.

Fonterra chief executive Miles Hurrell said that the project would allow both companies to accelerate their progress towards its greenhouse gas emission goals and meet their net zero emissions targets by 2050.

Nestle New Zealand chief executive Jennifer Chappell added that the Taranaki farm would expand Nestle's work around the world to transform the dairy industry. Nestle currently has more than 100 pilot projects with partners around the world and 20 farms already making progress towards net zero emissions.

Fonterra and Nestle have also introduced a greenhouse gas farmer support pilot programme, which provides additional support to enrolled Fonterra supplying farms to implement changes that lower on-farm emissions. The pilot will begin with 50 farms, before being scaled up over the next three years.