The iFood Conference 2019 at Anuga this year will explore the most forward-thinking and important concepts in the food industry. 

Sustainability continues to have a major influence on all things food, and people are increasingly concerned with provenance, ethics, animal welfare, resource efficiency, food authenticity and consumers’ health. Many different companies are using a variety of ways to increase sustainable practices and appeal to the modern-day consumer—the iFood Conference will explain how you can too.

The world is becoming more and more centred around digitalism. Moves towards technology have had severe impacts on the food chain, and simultaneously opens channels of distribution and connects people with data unlike any seen before. The iFood Conference will explore ideas like transparency and traceability, as well as artificial intelligence. Tech-based thinking will find a home for itself here.

The industry is constantly seeing innovations. This is a broad subject that the iFood Conference will look to expand upon and provide insight on.

Finally, new foods are continually coming through across the international food market, and the challenge is always ‘what is the next big thing?’ The iFood Conference will break down the regional stars and evaluate the state of the modern market. Additionally, while the future perhaps nothing like it does today, predictions and assumptions will be analysed too.